Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Semi-annual bag sale : March 9, 2013

Good Afternoon!
 Since, this is my first blog please bare with me on learning how to do this right. I'm a blogging newbie.

The Way Classy bag sale is fast approaching us and if you have never been to one- Now is your chance.
March 9th 2013 and its starting at 8am.....   What you need to know and how to get the best deals that day.

Way Classy has been doing this bag sale for ten years now, which is held twice a year(March and Sept.) in our shops parking lot. This is a huge variety of items that have expired and at one time been in the store. It's a chance for our customers to stock their wardrobes with new and exciting pieces of clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags. Get here early because once its gone - its gone!

What you need to do:

First set your alarm clock- get here early. People usually start lining up at around 7am.
Set your coffee pot as well, you will need the caffeine to get the best finds.

When you arrive at Way Classy I'm pretty sure the parking lot will be full with no parking but if there is a spot take it- If not please park in the A1 discount beverage parking lot right next door to us. Please do not park in the Chiropractor next to us. Thank you in advance.

Everything will be roped off for the sale. When you come up to shop one of my Way Classy girls will give you a bag. The bag is for you to be able to put your items in while your are finding things. But, let me tell you- the bag is mostly forgotten until the end. Girls will be walking around with clothing piled high and will worry about stuffing the bag once they have went through everything.  All bags will be $5 each. You are able to buy as many bags as you want. The bag will need to tie when you go to pay. If it will not you will have to purchase another bag. All shoes, jewelry, and handbags during this sale outside will be a $1 each. Please do not put these items in the bag. They are not included in the $5. We will also have a little designer table set up with items that will be individually priced.

You may bring cash, or credit. If you are using credit one of the Way Classy sales girls will write you a recite to take into the store to pay. No bag sale items are allowed into the store. You are unable to try on any of the bag sale items on in the dressing rooms. But, hey doesn't stop you from slipping something on over your clothing in the parking lot.  I do stress- OVER your clothing :)

The sale will start exactly at 8am. no earlier, no later. Once the items are gone then they are gone.  When you have all the items in your hands and are done -go over and start stuffing, cramming, rolling, folding all your clothing to put in the bag. I've seen the best of the best fit so much stuff in one bag its crazy. Please remember it needs to tie. After you are done shopping outside- please pay the girls at the front door - my sister Jess and my friend Monti will be able to assist you. 

Then you can put your items in the car and come in and shop with ME!!!!!  I will be inside with tons of sales going on inside the store. Just, because you are done with the outside shopping- doesn't mean you have to stop..... Remember we have designer bags, home decor and furniture that will be on sale and ready for you to buy. You of course can try on anything in the store, mingle with your girlfriends, drink some coffee, and catch up with everyone here. Its a girlie day! but GUYS are welcome to come and hold their ladies handbags, shopping bags or Money!

Girls if you are looking for Prom dresses- this is a day to buy one! hint hint :)

This is a day to have fun, be girlie and enjoy great finds- but please keep it CLASSY. With a lot of people in one area it can get a little hectic. Lets make friends and have fun girls.

I think I have covered the most of it. It will be a hectic, stressful and fun filled day for me and my crew- Thank you all who show up every year. I am so thankful and appreciative that I have so much support and a beautiful mother as an angel to watch over me. Thanks everyone... Muah..... Staci

March 9, 2013